Vegetarian Pregnancy and Conception

Now that is a beautiful and very pregnant vegetarian!

Okay, so I got a little miffed this week. I mean, to be honest, I get miffed every week but usually it goes away after a couple hours. However, this week I heard a particular comment and it has haunted me. (Note, I am not mad at these particular people,…

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Partners and Pitas

Guess who is back in town???

There are tons of things I could write about for this week. After all, I have had five weeks of not writing and watching other people’s eating/buying habits! I also recently read a very interesting article from the New York Times, which talked about how FDA studies have revealed that…

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The seasonal joys of eating locally

Easy apple butter

There are moments in your life where you are frozen with happiness, and astounded at the boundless possibilities unfolding in your mind. I had one of those moments as I lifted up the first of this fall’s apples and inhaled the spicy autumn scent. Pie, it whispered, cobbler, it crooned,…

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I’m back!

Italian Brown Rice Salad

Hello, Long time no write, I know, I know. I recently had the opportunity to journey to Travis Air Force Base in order to participate in Airman Leadership School (ALS). Mistakenly, I had thought I would be able to post while attending, but instead spent the time doing homework and…

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Stress, Ginger and Chocolate

Butter free ginger chocolate brownies

So the last couple weeks have been hard. Some of it was for fun, but still hard both mentally and physically. I been in San Francisco, Petaluma, Portland, and Fort Lauderdale. I have had a battle with a mysterious illness that had me peeing blood and completely exhausted. Jesse and…

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In Defense of Wheat

Blueberry Masa Bread

So I recently journeyed to the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland OR. The trip was an anniversary gift from my boyfriend, who lives there, and it is where he initially was encouraged to go on the paleo diet. For someone who is both gluten and lactose intolerant, the…

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