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Going Vegan: What you need to know

“… by removing our demand, we’re sparing animals suffering that is beyond our worst imaginings. I do find it deeply motivating to realize that I can live my values every time I sit down to eat. St. Paul called on the faithful to pray ceaselessly. I like that every time I sit down to eat,…

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Experiences in Puerto Rico

Recently I had the opportunity to deploy for Hurricane support in the Florida area/Puerto Rico after Maria left most of the island without power or water. I was deployed as part of the CISM team, CISM standing for Crisis Intervention Stress Management. A little recognized collateral duty in the Coast Guard, CISM peers deploy after…

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How to Be a Hero

Friday at noon I got the call. “Are you still available for Irma response?” “Yes I am!” Funny how natural disasters will make a Coastie excited, but you’ll have to forgive our enthusiasm. You join the Coast Guard to go out, save people, and make a difference. Fortunately for the American public, and for our…

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