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Think Beans Instead of Cream

For your health, your budget, and your taste buds, blend some beans instead of cream! One of the hardest things about eating on a budget and being vegan, is the sheer amount of rice and beans that I consume. There is no getting around it. Full of protein and fiber, and usually only about $2/pound…

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Reduce Cramps with THINX

Or an honest review of THINX The experts say tampons do not cause cramps. However, if you go and do a google search with “do tampons cause cramps?” you get page after page of women, like Nicole from Nicole Jardim, ditching their tampons and finding tremendous relief. So why aren’t we talking about this? Well,…

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Just Do It

Recently I told Jesse that I am so happy I found someone to be crazy and do adventures with. I do a lot of things many people consider to be insane, ideas such as wanting to live in a tiny house, becoming vegan, or making all my food from scratch. I like to live my…

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