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How to Be a Hero

Friday at noon I got the call. “Are you still available for Irma response?” “Yes I am!” Funny how natural disasters will make a Coastie excited, but you’ll have to forgive our enthusiasm. You join the Coast Guard to go out, save people, and make a difference. Fortunately for the American public, and for our…

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Vital Vegan Skills: Working with Cashews

You may have 99 problems as a vegan cook, but cashews can solve 89 of them. Cashews are not the most budget friendly item on your vegan grocery list, but when it comes to impressing non-vegan friends or making that special vegan dish, knowledge of how to use this nut is vital. Cashews are the…

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The P3BGirl is going to grad school!

  I’m going to grad school and I need your help! The winner is Portland State University, for a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning. Applications are due in January, and I am using the time to make the best and most amazing application ever.  If this comes as a surprise to you, you’re not…

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