Creatine for Vegan Athletes

Vegan pepperoni pizza

Did you ever have one of those moments when you felt invincible? When you could run ten miles and bike 20 and still feel like God’s own gift to creation? Well, I have. My most recent high as a kite, athletic moment involved taking a vegan creatine supplement for the…

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Why do people hate vegans?

Vegan tacos

Note: This may be a bit of a controversial post. Feel free to rant at me on facebook or in person! It is in my nature to progress in fits of productivity. I have hemmed and hawed about the prospect of being more vegan for about 4 years now. Once…

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Homemade Healthy Seitan

Homemade Seitan with mushroom gravy

To be honest, I am having tons of fun with this new almost vegan diet. My motivation for finding new recipes is soaring, and you wouldn’t believe how excited I am to cook every weekend. To be frank, eating almost vegan requires a level of creativity that I have not…

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Healthy Body Fat Percentages for Women

Simply Balsamic Crock Pot Squash

In the past, I have gone off on rants with friends or family on body fat percentage. There seems to be this terrible perception about body fat and women. Based on most websites and medical journals, the normal range for a woman should be 25%-30% body fat. However, based on…

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A Vegan Direction


There have been times where I have considered going vegan in my life. I know the abuses of the meat industry, and I also know the abuses in the dairy and egg industry. Some of those can be mitigated by responsible purchasing, but at the end of the day, calves…

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Vegetarian Pregnancy and Conception

Now that is a beautiful and very pregnant vegetarian!

Okay, so I got a little miffed this week. I mean, to be honest, I get miffed every week but usually it goes away after a couple hours. However, this week I heard a particular comment and it has haunted me. (Note, I am not mad at these particular people,…

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