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New Year, New-ish Vegan, New Goals

  Hi, this is Jean, currently living it up in Sherwood OR. I am debt free, hopefully awaiting my first fall term at Portland State University, and (so far) successfully cohabiting with one amazing boyfriend, Jesse. Being able to be together is simply the BEST THING EVER. Since paying off $36,000 in 3 years I’ve…

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Debt Free

Yesterday I saw something I haven’t seen in over 10 years. On Personal Capital, my net worth was green. There was no negative sign, and I sat in awe at the sum of my net worth. Hello, my name is Jean, and I am currently worth $403. It started off as a challenge, or maybe…

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Happy Veganiversary!!!

Hello everyone. My name is Jean, and I have successfully been vegan for an entire year! It’s funny, out of everything I have done this year, I feel like this is what I am most proud of. It’s not just the statistics over what I have saved in terms of energy, water, and lives, (though…

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