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Vegan Chocolate Mint Cake

A simple vegan chocolate mint cake, made with real mint and melted chocolate, was my recipe for first college day class success! I haven’t had the chance to bake much this summer, but when I saw a recipe in food magazine that included melted chocolate in the batter, I knew a cake had to happen….

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Better Than Butter Part 1

Americans put butter on everything. Butter on vegetables, butter in pastries, butter on pasta, popcorn, potatoes, and toast. We use brown butter for extra flavor, or combine butter it with sugar to make frosting. Upon going vegan, many of us Americans simply switch from butter to vegan butter, usually Earth Balance. The switch is simple,…

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Best side hustles you don’t need a car for

Save money by earning money with these four best side hustles! It may not seem like a lot, but a few hundred dollars here or there can really add up. I wish I knew about these activities back in Sacramento, because I would have been able to do so many more things. I don’t know…

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