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What is a good carbon footprint?

  Everyone knows it is important to reduce carbon emissions (and if you are not please watch the above video and be prepared to be terrified). However, what does a good individual carbon footprint look like, and when are reductions enough? Because I am a sustainability nerd, I’m taking free green minded classes via Coursera….

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The Power of Remorse

I am good at arguing. Really, really good. Perhaps it is because I was raised by lawyers, or perhaps it is because I was an English major and perfected the art of making stupid arguments really, really well: I once wrote a whole 8-page paper about a single sentence I pulled out at random from…

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Beyond Cornbread

A week or so back, my eyes were opened by Haitian cornmeal porridge. Holy crap, I remember thinking, this is good! Ever since then, I’ve been on a corn products kick. My kitchen has been the site of many batches of cornbread, corn cakes, corn tortillas, and crispy corn “fried” tofu. Lucky for me, corn…

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