Made in USA Christmas Gifts


So, every year I do a little bit better, following my resolution to buy made in USA and sustainable gifts. While I can’t tell you all the details (sorry family! You still have to wait!) I can tell you my top tricks, tips, and picks as to where to go/how…

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My First Vegan Thanksgiving

Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecakes

Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday. Sandwiched between my birthday/Halloween and Xmas, Thanksgiving just seemed lackluster in comparison. Plus, I was never a fan of the turkey/pecan pie food coma. Sometimes food isn’t worth the crappy feelings that come after it! This is not how Jesse sees it. Jesse…

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What is Nutritional Stress?

Easy Carrot Miso Soup

This could also be called: Put Good In, Get Good Out I think it is safe to say that we’re all stressed out right now. Whoever you supported in this election, you probably know people who supported someone different, and thus you’re pissed off, being pissed on, or just generally…

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Should We Forgive?


I am sick, and it seems only fitting. Fueled by abject terror, confusion, and rage, I have propelled myself through the second half of this week, despite a virtual all nighter (45 minutes of sleep in a chair) on election night. There is a battle for health going on inside…

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Poor In Everything

Vegan Margarita Pizza

Two things have resonated very strongly with me lately. The first is the battle for a higher minimum wage. Trying to pay off my school debt, I have worked incredibly hard to bring down my living costs. Sacrificing a car, having a roommate ($500 rent), and budgeting my social expenses…

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Time to Get Shredded


I’ve decided to get shredded. Oh yeah, and go vegan too. I should have known myself a little bit better. One of my biggest problems is an all or nothing attitude. I have problems with it at work, at home, at the gym, in relationships, you name it! Half of…

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