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Vegan Matcha Lavender Cupcakes

The inspiration for these cupcakes came from Albuquerque. It was during my epic Amtrak trip, and I was correspondingly super stoked and super tired… basically overstimulated. I found a very cute little coffee shop, sat down, and ordered a vegan version of their daily special. That daily special just happened to be a lavender matcha…

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Vegan dinner rolls and biscuit basics

Bread is life. Bread is also easy. The quickest and simplest way to impress your friends is a hot, homemade batch of vegan dinner rolls. However, as I and others have experienced (read up Dad!) those with non vegan bread experience often stumble when it comes to vegan bread basics, like vegan dinner rolls and…

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Sweet and Complicated

It’s the end of a semester, and it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here! You can’t say it wasn’t for good reason. Between homework, and Jesse, the gym, and the kitchen, there hasn’t been much room in between. It’s funny, but during busy times, I usually daydream about what I will do…

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