Stress, Ginger and Chocolate

Butter free ginger chocolate brownies

So the last couple weeks have been hard. Some of it was for fun, but still hard both mentally and physically. I been in San Francisco, Petaluma, Portland, and Fort Lauderdale. I have had a battle with a mysterious illness that had me peeing blood and completely exhausted. Jesse and…

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In Defense of Wheat

Blueberry Masa Bread

So I recently journeyed to the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland OR. The trip was an anniversary gift from my boyfriend, who lives there, and it is where he initially was encouraged to go on the paleo diet. For someone who is both gluten and lactose intolerant, the…

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Together on Independence Day

Getting ready to go flying!

Okay yes, so the blog post is late again. However, once more I have good reasons. I learned how to fly (belated anniversary present from Jesse… who has great ideas!) I saw Jesse I ate lots of food I got sick I figured out how to make ginger shots But…

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Me and My Ice Cream Machine

strawberry half sorbet

So I have this serious relationship with ice cream. If you ask me what my favorite food is, I’m going to tell you ice cream. If you ask me why I don’t tend to drink beer, it’s because I’d rather eat ice cream instead. If you ask me why I…

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The Orlando Vigil at Stonewall.

When September 11th happened, I was in middle school. I was young and New York was far away. I didn’t hear the Twin Towers break, but I felt my America break. I grew up with this post-Vietnam war American vision of people as people, due process for all, and compassion…

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To Cook is Human

book and tortilla press

The cure for crabbiness this week was a book called Cardamom and Lime, and a tortilla press. You’d think that having a short week at work would make a girl happy, but as with the case of most long weekends for me, the opposite occurred. My expectations for what I…

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