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A recipe for success

One of the most important pieces of information I was ever given was this: be memorable. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to do, from a job interview to a college application, if someone doesn’t remember who you are they can’t give you what you want. We all try to stand out, and some succeed more…

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What Makes a City Girl

Cities, versus suburbs, are more energy efficient, better for the environment, and (most importantly) tend to produce more vegan restaurants. This is due to the large amounts of diverse people living so closely packed together. If you happen to believe that city living could never be for you, here is one perspective on why you…

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Vegan Peanut Sauce on Everything

Though the word peanut butter is in the title of this blog, I haven’t made too many peanut butter recipes. It’s time to fix that, by talking about my very favorite vegan peanut condiment… peanut sauce! I love peanut sauce because once you know how to make it, it is like having a secret weapon….

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